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After graduating in late 2014, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts grad Jamét Jackson, began as a maker at Helena Noelle. Starting off in a home studio with former owner Andrea Gleason, she has grown with the company with new designs and exciting changes. Her Bachelors of Fine Art in Fashion Design is evident in her attention to detail and creativity. As the designer of the company, she gets inspiration from the artistic vibe of Richmond itself. From the murals all over the city, to new small businesses and bloggers that are redefining cool and modern lifestyle in this historic city, she is excited to inject her own aesthetic; bringing clients fresh, innovative design.



It started as an inspired challenge just a few years ago; Could I create a bridal design so elegant that could stand the test of time and would always connect a bride to the enchantment of her special day.

What started as a challenge became the vision of Helena Noelle™, founded by self-taught fashion talent, Andrea Gleason, of Richmond, VA.

Drawing on inspirations of her own wedding, Andrea has infused her pieces with classic design, vintage elements and the keen eye for adding distinctively elegant accents. 

Perhaps what this company is best known for is the personal touches and relationships it has developed with brides the world over.

...time is spent gathering details from brides to be, corresponding over the perfect fit and receiving beautiful photos of her pieces in action on wedding day. These interactions are the fuel for the construction and creation of every handmade design.